Balsamic Mushrooms: Whole 30 Day 26

These balsamic mushrooms are an quick and easy side dish to make on a Sunday Meal Prep and eat alongside any meal.  I just ate them for breakfast with some fried eggs and Aidell’s sausage (chicken apple, to ensure Whole 30 compliance).

What you’ll need: 

  • 1 package of white mushrooms, pre-sliced, then chop them up a bit more (would work with other kinds too)
  • Half an onion, or in proportion to your mushrooms (white, yellow, red, shallots, all yummy!)
  • Balsamic vinegar, little pours at a time
  • Olive Oil, just a bit
  • Salt, to taste (I don’t put any, but you may like it)


  • Cook onions in a little olive oil to soften, 2 minutes or so
  • While onions are cooking, I rinse mushrooms and chop them further. I prefer a fine chop, but this isn’t really necessary, just personal preference
  • Cover, and as they start reducing, some liquid should start appearing, then add some balsamic so the mushrooms start cooking in it
  • As the mushrooms seem close to done, give them a taste, and add more balsamic as you think tastes good – I ended up doing two medium splashes/pours

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