15 Kitchen Gadget Go-To’s

These aren’t particularly high tech or thought provoking, but as a little time capsule to myself, here are thirteen kitchen gadgets/items that I’m into these days, in no particular order.

  1. Blendtec Blender – the high power blender is used daily in our household from smoothies to pestos. Totally worth the investment!
  2. Mandolin – from beet chips to zoodles, this device opens up possibilities of recipes that would otherwise not be worth trying.  Mine is from OXO.
  3. Handheld milk frother – this is so not necessary, but makes me happy to make extra frothy matcha lattes (see photo) and hot chocolate (when I was allowed to drink hot chocolate, that is…#whole30)
  4. Kitchen shears – I’m not a huge fan of handling raw meat, but these make the process of cutting meat chunks or deboning a chicken thigh so much easier. Mine are these from Kershaw.
  5. Immersion blender – this was a holiday gift that I can’t wait to use – I’m all about those pureed soups and this will definitely lessen the mess
  6. Toaster oven – it’s interesting how much less you toast things when you’re doing the Whole 30, but this is a must-have. I don’t know how toasters with bread slice slots are still purchased when this is an option.
  7. Soap dispensing brush – I hate clean pans. So much. James got me this little soap dispensing brush from OXO as a Hanukkah stocking stuffer to make it just a little less miserable (for context, James is totally the cleaner in our household).
  8. Sharp knives of varying sizes, especially paring knives – I love my Wusthof knives so much.  I’m all about the slice-and-dice and this makes me cooking so much easier. Find them on sale and never let them go.  Or a good gift to ask for as family members can help you slowly build your collection. You can even get them monogrammed, like my brother did for James.
  9. Many cutting boards of many sizes – I feel like I can never have enough cutting boards. I have a set of bamboo mixed sizes, but make sure not to leave them in water for too long, or they’ll crack.  Flexible cutting mats are also useful and easy to handle.
  10. Mixing bowls of varying sizes – same deal, always in need. Glass or plastic, as I hate the sound of things scraping against metal mixing bowls.
  11. Crockpot – this was such a game changer for us. Chilis, pulled pork, and more pulled pork, and more pulled other things.  So crucial.
  12. Tupperware, of varying sizes – oh, the leftovers! When James and I moved in together, getting a real tupperware set (not just saving the plastic containers from my miso soups) was a top priority.
  13. Mason jars, of varying sizes, with lids – so multi-functional.  They’re our drinking glasses, but also hold leftover liquids, store flours or grains, and even serve as a cocktail shaker.
  14. A good wine stopper – get one vacu-seals the wine so it lasts longer; I know more than ever, being on Whole 30, that wine is precious
  15. Your cell phone – I’m rarely cooking without my phone by my side, setting timers, looking up recipes, or snapping/sharing pictures of my latest experiments. Thinking of this, what I really need is a cell phone disinfectant wipe – Amazon, here I come!

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