Sweet Potato Hash: Whole 30 Day 13

Whole 30 seems to star sweet potato for many of us.  Here’s a hearty breakfast (just top with some eggs or compliant sausage or bacon) that adds a little variety to our favorite tuber.

I did this with the julienne setting on my mandolin, but you could also do it with a grater. Or buy shredded potatoes frozen at a grocery store.  Whatever effort you’re up for.

What you’ll need:

  • Sweet potatoes, julienned (I used 4 small ones and it was a good portion for 3 breakfasts)
  • Small yellow onion, chopped (or white, depending what you have on hand)
  • Coconut oil or olive oil
    • I used coconut oil and these came out a little sweet – very tasty, but if I was going for more savory, I’d use olive oil
  • Seasonings to your fancy, I used some salt and crushed red pepper but also considered a cajun mix


  • Soften your onions for 1-2 minutes in a little oil
  • Add more oil and then sweet potatoes (high heat); adding more oil will help them get crispy
  • Season; add more oil and keep covered as needed and keep an eye on their tenderness and burnt/crispy levels
  • Once cooked through, you’re set to eat

Because I was trying to crispy these up, I let them sit for awhile without stirring, which did sort of work, but also burnt my pan up a bit (stainless steel).  Once I was done and took out the hash, I poured some leftover red wine on top of the hot pan (I can’t drink it anyway this month!).  That, and some spatula scrapes, help get the burnt stuff off the pan.


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